Our Approach

Our Mission

To provide owners of environmentally impacted properties ("brownfields") with a comprehensive and effective means to dispose of their interests in or transfer the risks associated with those properties, allowing them to improve their financial position and reduce their exposure to the potential environmental liabilities inherent in these sites.

Our Company

Founded in 1996, BRC is a real estate investment and development firm focused exclusively on environmentally impacted properties, also known as "brownfields."

BRC acquires, remediates, and redevelops brownfield sites and manages the financial and legal risks inherent in these properties. BRC also works with property owners to transfer the environmental risks associated with their sites, offering them a definitive liability endpoint while allowing them to maintain control of the property. We offer owners of environmentally impacted properties comprehensive solutions for addressing their brownfield sites. These solutions:

• Eliminate the costs, risks and uncertainties associated with site remediation;
• Contain the liabilities associated with owning contaminated real estate; and
• Return reserves held for environmental cleanup back to corporate operating income.